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51st Annual WSOP Main Event Winner, Stoyan Madanzhiev, responds to WSOP choosing to strip his title and present another, “genuine” Main Event. grand lotto

Madanzhiev Expresses Frustration with WSOP’s Decision

Poker Players Have Madanzhiev’s Back 

On the off chance that he had won the 51st Main Event, what was the one in December going to be, Madanzhiev asked logically. Canadian poker star Sam Greenwood appeared to react also to the circumstance, contending that going for such an occasion would be hard for some. 

Madanzhiev tossed one more poke at WSOP in another Tweet, contending that WSOP had pulled off the best feign of the year – “for feigning the entire world effectively that we were playing the 51st WSOP in the late spring… ” 

What’s Next for Madanzhiev? 

At the point when we contacted Madanzhiev he said that WSOP and GGPoker should feel mindful to players who had entered in the rivalry correctly in light of the fact that they got an opportunity to play in the Main Event without wrestling with movement limitations or getting visas.

The whole occasion was promoted as the WSOP Main Event and Madanzhiev said that he ought to be perceived as the champ. Regardless of whether Madanzhiev was to take on the new occasion, he would need to sort out some way to get to the United States on schedule, an interaction that would last much more than the time window he has today. He accepted that such an occasion favors US players lopsidedly. 

One thing is sure however – numerous individuals might want to see him have one more shot at the grand lotto

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